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Shipping Legislation

Earth has 71% of its surface covered by water. The need to move men and material has become paramount as the landmasses on which human beings live and conduct lay islanded. The need to cross these huge bodies of water for trade, commerce and greener avenues of development necessitated ships. The process of human civilization has been largely attributed to the advancements in shipping. Today, shipping is the backbone of global economy. Man now covers greater distances in shorter period thus shrinking the world to a small village. With the emergence of globalization countries have come closer and international trade has flourished.

Course Duration 1 Month

Course Type Class Room & Online

Course Overview

Role and responsibility of a station manager, Airline and Airport Security, ICAO security manual, Fraud prevention, Airside safety, Emergency, Foreign Objects, Baggage Handling Management, Claims, Mishandling, Pilferage, Loss, Passenger Handling, Catering, Handling agreements and services, Liability and indemnity, People Management, Communication.

Program Benefits 
Classes led by Industry Experts

Upon completing the course, the students will have mastered all areas of resolving difficulties and claims in international shipping, ocean, and air freight logistics.  

Understand Logistics Processes

It provides a unique opportunity to understand the Logistics Management process concerning the rest of the enterprise in a competitive situation. 

Learn Multiple Subjects 

In this Diploma course, subjects like Logistics management, Supply chain management, Transportation, Distribution, Sourcing, and more are taught to the students.  

Huge demand

Logistics & Supply Chain Management sector has a booming demand for qualified and trained SCM professionals across industries and functional roles. 

Vast Employability

You can work in the logistics and SCM domain with entry-level job opportunities in manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, service industry, shipping & aviation.

International Career 

Upon completing the course, you get an opportunity to work in India and abroad and even travel across the world. 

Who can join this program? 

Graduates in any discipline.

Professionals and fresh & final year graduates who wish to build entry level managerial career in Logistics and Supply Chain sector.

Professionals from other industries who wish to enter Logistics and Supply Chain related sector.

Professionals in Logistics, Supply Chain and consulting Sector who want to enhance their career opportunities.

Course Content

An introduction to the history of bills of lading

In-depth information on the form, issuing, and transfer of bills of lading

Contractual functions of the bill.

Complexities of bill of landing