Skills Required to Fast Track Your Career in Logistics

Importance of Skill Development

When you build your career in logistics and supply chain management, typically you have to figure out a lot of things on your own. Oftentimes it’s like re-inventing the wheel altogether. It would be advisable to get yourself trained in advance to face these kinds of challenges in your workspace.

Type of Challenges Normally Logistics & SCM Professional Face:

  • Forecasting requirements
  • Scheduling the inventory
  • Setting the safety stock level
  • Setting the order quantity
  • Managing the database
  • Analyzing and manipulating the data

Skills Required for Your Logistics & SCM Profession

1. Data Skills

In short, you have to be a good problem solver and moreover should be able to find solutions from analyzing the data. If you can  play with data that is going to be a big advantage for you in logistics and supply chain management.

5 Types of Data Skills Required for Logistics and SCM Professionals

1.    Forecasting & Demand Planning
2.    Knowledge in Forecasting & Planning Software
3.    Being Able to Manage Data
4.    Thorough Knowledge of  Data Mining Methodologies
5.    Expertise to Keep Data Clean & Secure

At SCM Hub we have created a highly comprehensive course on Data Science for Logistics. It is created by the experts in logistics and data science. This course is designed with a vision to give undue advantage to our students over other candidates.

2. Microsoft Skills

In order to succeed in Logistics and SCM, you need to master multiple software and programs. Microsoft software packages are an important part among them. Being extremely good at MS Excel is a trait that most logistics companies value for their staff. Other Microsoft Office skills like MS Word, PowerPoint, Access etc. are so universally considered as a must of Logistics and SCM professionals.

At SCM Hub we provide comprehensive training in Microsoft packages. We provide them Microsoft recognized certification as well for this training. 

4. Soft Skills

One of the most important assets is just to be an effective communicator, on the phone and talking to people face to face. Sadly it is often lost when you’re dealing with a global supply base. Why it is important here is because you’re really going to different cultures and countries across continents. Sometimes you’re going to be in conflict with your supply base and you have to be strong-willed enough to stand up to what he believes is right for your company. And you need to be fair, as well as objective

5. Critical Thinking Skills

“Critical thinking is the analysis of facts to form a judgment”. Source: Wikipedia. Examples of critical thinking in the Logistics profession would be evaluating the safest mode and route of transport for the safe delivery of products while there is heavy cyclone. Ability to think effectively is considered as one of the most sought after qualities in logistics and SCM.

6. Creativity

Here the term creativity doesn’t mean that the candidate should have some artistic or entertainment background. Here creativity goes hand in hand with the critical thinking ability of a person to solve issues as and when it arises. A creative person finds ingenious methods to solve a challenge, improve a process or see an opportunity to improve profit. It’s the ability of a person to think out of the box and explore uncharted areas to find solutions.

7. Leadership Skills

You don’t need a designation to take the responsibility of a leader. Gone are the days when you are officially ordained as a leader to assume leadership responsibilities. Nowadays every organization wants their employees to demonstrate leadership qualities whenever it is required. They want their employees to be proactive, to be willing to take initiative, to be good decision makers, willing to take risks when the chances are odds , have persistence  and good work habits and good go-getters.

At SCM Hub International Logistics Business School, we are obsessed with molding our students around the values of good leadership and critical thinking. We give greater importance to personal development, communication skills enhancement and skill development along with regular studies. As a result once the student finishes his graduation, he/she would be ready to get into the corporate world and face the challenges in the real time business situations

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