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Why Logistics?

Logistics is the backbone of global economy. Logistics started with mankind and will continue till mankind exists. There have been revolutionary changes with technological advancements. Now, any distance is a matter of few hours. The world has become a global village. The business houses are able to develop their businesses globally. Mankind is now able to enjoy the benefits of everything available on earth sitting even at a remote place.

The cloth we wear, the food we consume, automobiles, fuel, furniture, stationery and everything we use on a daily basis at our homes, in our offices, and in public places are transported from different parts of the world. Everything for our basic survival to comfort is made available by logistics.

If logistics stops, human beings cannot survive. Manufacturers and traders will not be able to function.

Logistics manages the entire movement of goods and services from the producer to the customer. Most countries are now actively engaged in import and export, and Logistics serves as the backbone of such transactions. It is inevitable for multinational companies to transport raw materials or finished products from one country to another. Increased demand for logistics forced countries to develop existing ports, new ports, logistic hubs and cargo terminals all over the world. Logistics shall remain a major and essential industry as long as trade and commerce exist in the world.

The demand for goods has always been increasing and this trend will continue. With the emergence of globalization, countries have come closer and every one utilizes opportunity to sell their products in all the markets worldwide which has lead to an exponential rise in Shipping, Logistics & SCM. This project a very important fact that every country has huge demand for skilled and trained manpower to effectively handle Logistics.

 Logistics can be broadly classified into transfer of goods / services by ship, airplane, rail and road. Sea freight alone covers over 92% of the world trade. Most of the Logistics management being office jobs, both men and women irrespective of age barriers can effortlessly engage in them. Successful course completed students will have job opportunities globally as logistics activities are spread all over the world and every industry is dependent on logistics.

World is changing at a rapid pace. Demand is rising. Globally, great opportunities are on its way. Are you ready to tap the unlimited opportunities worldwide with these multinational giants?


 Reasons to pursue a career in Logistics

  • Fast sector Growth
  • Good Salary
  • Plenty of Job Opportunities
  • Work place variety
  • Top- Rated Sector

Salaries for Various Positions In the Logistics Industry

  • Salary for entry-level jobs in India ranges from Rs. 150,000 to Rs. 250,000 per annum
  • Overseas employers might pay around USD 25,000 to USD 40,000 per annum
  • Qualified and experienced logistics professionals earn up to Rs. 500,000 in junior management positions, up to Rs. 1,000,000 in middle management positions


Do you know that India is the next major Logistics Hotspot?

  • Rise in domestic consumption and retail due to population.
  • 100% Foreign Direct Investment in logistics.
  • GDP to grow 6-6.5% in 2020-2021.
  • Services sector to chart 8% growth in 2020-2021
  • Spends about 14% of its GDP on logistics, versus 9% for developed nations.
  • Grown annually at 8-10% since 2002
  • Growing at a rate of 15-20% per annum.



  • Logistics was and is a growth Industry and job engine worldwide.
  • Number of warehouse managers estimated to double from 14,000 to 55,000 by 2020
  • Employs over 6.5 crore people.
  • Need over 4,00,000 additional pair of hands in next 4-5 years. That is an average of approximately 1,00,000 specialized logisticians required every year.
  • Need 4,20,000 skilled people in senior management category by 2020.


Industries* in which you can get employed after successful completion of SCM Hub courses:

  •  Shipping Lines & agents
  •  Air Lines & GSA's
  •  Manufacturing Companies
  •  International Air Freight Forwarding Companies
  •  International Ocean Freight Forwarding Companies
  •  Supply Chain Management Companies
  •  International Logistics Companies
  •  Warehousing Companies
  •  Trading companies
  •  EX-IM (Export- Import) Companies
  •  Transportation companies
  •  Customs Clearing & Forwarding Agents
  •  Defence
  •  Government
  •  Sports & Games Teams

Departments* where you can get employed:

  •  Administration
  •  Marketing
  •  Sales
  •  Customer Service
  •  Operations
  •  Documentation
  •  Export - Import
  •  Logistics Coordination
  •  Ocean Exports and Imports
  •  Air Exports & Imports
  •  International Fairs and Exhibitions
  •  Supply Chain Management
  •  Vessel Chartering
  •  Warehousing
  •  Legal Claims Handling
  •  Accounts (for those who are qualified)
  •  Finance (for those who are qualified)
  •  IT (for those who are qualified)
  •  HR (for those who are qualified)
  •  Logistics Planning
  •  Logistics coordination.
  •  Warehouse Assistant to Manager
  •  Shipment Planning
  • Project Handling


You can also apply for jobs in and other departments provided you have the knowledge and relevant qualification. *

Career growth ladder



Sr Executive

Assistant Manager

Deputy Manager


Senior Manager

Regional Manager

General Manager

Vice President






You can see a whopping demand in requirements of skilled and trained international logisticians worldwide.

Especially Indians are on a great demand world wide due to English speaking skills.


Are you geared up to tap the OPPORTUNITIES?AHEAD?

If yes. Look nowhere. SCM Hub is the only choice for your dream come true.

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