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International Ocean Freight Logistics Professional

The International Ocean Freight Logistics Program (IOFLP) is SCM Hub's flagship training course in international ocean freight logistics. This course will provide you with in-depth practical job expertise in all aspects of ocean cargo logistics, including documentation, shipment planning, operations, customer service, sales, marketing, and administration.

Course Duration 1 Month

Mode of study Classroom and Online

Course Overview

The IOFLP curriculum is intensive, advanced, full of practical knowledge, and the most cost-effective.This course covers a wide range of topics, including the nature of cargo vessels and containerization, global maritime organizations, the use of international terms of delivery and freight costs, and means and methods for developing strategies for increased efficiency in the international maritime movement of goods, and more.

Program Benefits 
Classes led by Industry Experts

Upon completing the course, the students will have complete practical job knowledge on different ocean freight logistics activities.  

Understand Logistics Processes

It provides a unique opportunity to understand the Ocean Freight Logistics Management process concerning the rest of the enterprise in a competitive situation.

Learn Multiple Subjects 

Become a real ocean freight logistics management professional with complete practical shipping and ocean freight logistics job knowledge through IOFLP course.  

Vast Employability

You can work in shipping lines' offices, seaport offices, freight forwarding, international logistics, supply chain management, manufacturing, and export-import enterprises all over the world.

International Career 

Upon completing the course, you get an opportunity to work in India and abroad and even travel across the world.

Huge demand

Logistics & SCM sector has a booming demand for qualified and trained SCM professionals across industries and functional roles.

Who can join this program? 

+2 & Above

Professionals who want to become ocean freight logistics management professional.

Professional who want to gain ocean freight logistics job knowledge.

Professionals who want to gain in-depth practical job expertise in all aspects of ocean cargo logistics including documentation.

Course Syllabus
Shipping terms


Maritime Sector

Marine Cargo


Shipping Process


Customs Controls

Dangerous Goods


ISO Six Sigma

Bill of Lading

Introduction to the history of bills of lading.

In-depth information on the form, issuing, and transfer of bills of lading.

Contractual functions of the bill.

Complexities of bill of landing