International Ocean Freight Logistics Professional (IOFLP)

Duration : 2 Months
IOFLP is SCM Hub’s flagship training course in International Ocean Freight Logistics. This course will help you to gain in depth practical hands on job knowledge in all departments of Ocean cargo logistics including Documentation, Shipment Planning, Operations, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing and Administration. You can excel in entire aspects of International Ocean Freight Forwarding from this 2 month’s program.

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This course is ideal for both genders and will help you to get employment worldwide in the offices of shipping lines, seaport offices, freight forwarding, international logistics, supply chain management, manufacturing and export-import companies.
Decide now to become a real ocean freight logistics management professional with complete practical shipping and ocean freight logistics job knowledge. As you are aiming for career in international shipping and ocean freight logistics, IOFLP education at SCM Hub is the best way to win your passport for an entry to a faster career growth worldwide in shipping lines, ocean freight forwarding, logistics, supply chain management, export-import, clearing and forwarding companies. IOFLP education is highly intensive, advanced, packed with practical knowledge and the most economic.

This course deals with a wide variety of subject areas relating to the maritime movement of goods, nature of cargo vessels and containerisation, global maritime organisations, use of international terms of delivery and freight costs, means and methods of developing strategies for greater efficiency in the international maritime movement of goods and more.

Course highlights
Shipping Terms

With clear and concise explanations of over 2,000 of the most commonly encountered words, phrases and abbreviations, this is an invaluable course for freshers and experienced professionals.

The Course on Shipping Terms, will be of immense value to ship owners and operators, brokers, surveyors, importers, exporters, freight forwarders and students. Those involved in related industries such as banking, commercial law and insurance who regularly need accurate and concise definitions of shipping terms will also find the course very useful.

Course Contents:Introduction – Maritime Sector – Marine Cargo – Chartering – Incoterms – Shipping Process – Documentation – Customs Controls – Dangerous Goods – Anomalies – ISO Six Sigma

Bill of Lading

Bills of Lading provides a detailed and practical training of the law and practice applicable to bills of lading before, during and after shipment.

This session provides:
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Kerala's Leading Practical Logistics Training Institute, Infopark, Cochin- Call Now:9744350177
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