International Air Freight Logistics Professional (IAFLP)

Duration : 2 Months
This training has helped hundreds of our students to become Air freight forwarding professionals working with regional to multinational logistics, freight forwarding companies and airlines. This course will give you in depth practical knowledge covering sales, marketing, customer service, operations, shipment planning, documentation and administration departments of air cargo helping you to take up your dream jobs swiftly in any department in air lines, air cargo forwarding, logistics, supply chain management, ex-im, clearing and forwarding companies worldwide.

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    Course highlights

    Introduction to international business, understanding logistics and international freight forwarding, seller-buyer transportation contracts and commitments, world trade routes Introduction to Airline Industry, History, Cargo & passengers, Economic and Social Impacts, Regulatory Bodies, Business, Key personnel and roles, Airports, Navigation systems, Safety and Security, Industry regulations, ICAO, FIATA, Cargo agent, Operations, Service Functions, Organization, Liability, Handling Facilities, Terminal. Future of the Industry. International Air Routes & Ports – Airports – codes – Country – Currency codes – Airlines & codes Process Flow – Advices – Booking – SLI – Labeling – ULD – Volume/ Weight Ratio – Shipment Planning – Cargo pick-up – Documentation – Customs clearance – Air Cargo Rates and Charges – TACT, IATA areas, Chargeable wt, Currencies, Rates and Charges, General Rules of Cargo Rates and Charges, Minimum Charges, General Cargo Rates, Specific Commodity Rates, Class Rates or Commodity Classification Rates, Lower Charge in higher weight category, Precedence of Rates and Charges, Valuation Charges, Charges collect Shipments, Disbursements, Other Charges and Fees. Standardization in Logistics – Air freight Exports and Imports – Handling Documents – Data – Information – Data entry – Communication – Sales & Marketing – Consignee controlled cargo – Sales leads – Routing Instructions – Coding – Labeling the consignment – Transfer to carrier – Invoicing – Aircrafts – Special Cargoes – Consolidation – Air Way Bill (AWB) – Direct shipments – Back to Back Shipments – Aircraft Loading Charts – Conditions of contract – Hub & Spoke – Consortium – Monitoring flow – Dangerous or Hazardous goods – Risk labels – IATA IMP codes – DGR – Non Radio Active shipments – Radio Active Shipments – Handling COD shipments – Delivery process – POD. Aircraft loading, conditions of contract, shipment planning, operations, documentation, customer service.

    Kerala's Leading Practical Logistics Training Institute, Infopark, Cochin- Call Now:09744350177
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    Kerala's Leading Practical Logistics Training Institute, Infopark, Cochin- Call Now:9744350177
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