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Certificate Course Warehousing & Store Professional

Duration : 2 Month

This training will help you to become a professional in warehousing, stores, inventory or materials management. This course will help you to get employed with bonded or general warehouses, freight stations, trading and manufacturing companies as materials or stores executive, in charge or manager. To create professionals who would be able to monitor complete activities in a warehouse, which includes MIS, recording, storage, flow, security, design, space planning, packing, handling and all other activities inside a warehouse which forms an integral part of Logistics. Students will also learn to coordinate with the customers to plan the inflow and outflow of goods. In short, if you are aiming for warehousing and stores job, CCWSP education at SCM Hub is the best way to win your passport to a faster career growth worldwide in bonded or general warehouses, freight stations, trading and manufacturing companies. CCWSP education is highly intensive, advanced, practical knowledge rich and the most economic.

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Course highlights

Principles of Warehousing: Role of warehouses – strategic issues affecting warehousing – warehouse operations – costs – packaging and unit loads.

Storage & Handling Systems (Palletized): Pallet movement- pallet stacking – palletized storage – comparison of systems. Storage and Handling system ( Non – palletized): Small storage systems – truck attachments – long loads – Cranes – Conveyors – Automated guided vehicles – Hanging Garment Systems.

Order picking & replenishment: Order picking concepts – order picking equipment – sortation – layout and slotting – information in order picking – E- fulfillment – picking productivity – replenishment.

Receiving and dispatch: Receiving process – dispatch process – cross docking – equipment – layouts.

Warehouse design and Operations: Design procedures – Organization – Activities – Planning – Documentation – Incoming Loads – Outgoing loads. Warehouse management and Information: Operational management – performance monitoring – Information and Communication Technology – Data capture and transmission – radio data communication.

Security: Security Management – Access control – Fencing, Parking Lots and gate control – HVP – Security equipments.