Certificate Course in Vessel Chartering Professional

Duration : 2 Month

Chartering has a very prominent place in the shipping industry and plays an important role in world trade. This course helps students become experts in Chartering. This course examines the roles of ship owner, Charterer, Broker and Institutions and their activities and then followed by detailed study of the documents and practice of chartering in the world’s markets. The CCVCP training at SCM Hub will make you a master in chartering ships (vessels) for special transportation requirement of projects or business operational needs in international shipping logistics and ocean freight. Upon successful completion, you can start your own shipping company or take up employment with international shipping lines, ship management, vessel chartering, manufacturing, international trading houses, project logistics management, oil and gas companies. The course covers all aspects of chartering a vessel to make you a rare gem in the international vessel management arena. SCVCP education is highly intensive, advanced, packed with practical knowledge and the most economic.

Objective: This course aims to provide students with a clear understanding of the key activities associated with the operations of ship broking and chartering organizations and to provide clear references on the type of documentation required.

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    Course highlights

    Shipping Business – Broking and Chartering, Purpose and Principles of Ship Chartering, Tramp Services, Chartering Contracts, Dry Docking, Forms and Activities, General and Special Conditions in a Charter Party, Arbitration, Exemptions and Immunities, Documentation,Chartering Terminology, Sales and Marketing, Operations, Tanker Chartering – Ships and Cargoes, Crude Oil and Products, Vessel Systems, Vessel Requirements, IMO Certifications, Vetting Inspections, Types of Vessels, Geography of Tanker Trades, Legislations, International Tanker Charter Market, International Organizations, Charter contracts, Market Practices, Financial elements of Charter Parties, Operation of the derivatives market, Notice of Readiness Clauses, Freight Calculations, Arbitrations and Jurisdictions, Dispute Resolutions.

    Ship broking and Chartering,Time Charters, Voyage Charters, Bareboat Charters, The Evolving Law and Practice of Voyage Charter parties, The Law of Tug and Tow and Offshore Contracts, General and Special Conditions in a Charter Party, TANKER CHARTERING, Ships and Cargoes, The Trades, Freight Markets, Contracts, Bill of Lading, Chartering Market Practice, The Financial Elements of Charter Parties, Tanker Lay Time, Calculations, Energy and Emissions.

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    Kerala's Leading Practical Logistics Training Institute, Infopark, Cochin- Call Now:9744350177
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