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Corporate training .

SCM Hub is the world's foremost provider of educational services in the fields of international trade, logistics, and freight forwarding.We provide corporate training to Shipping lines, Supply Chain Management companies , Logistics companies, Freight Forwarding companies and so on. Our well-qualified and dedicated training staff are ready to design, organize and deliver the right training to meet your needs. Be it a start up or a multinational company SCM Hub can deliver the training promptly.

Leverage you Business and people with corporate training

By using our vast knowledge base and training expertise, SCM Hub provides value-added consulting services. Our subject-matter specialists will collaborate with your team to discover and fix operational issues, thereby assisting in the improvement of overall business performance.If you believe that training is costly, consider the cost of ignorance. There is no better method to keep your personnel motivated than to provide them with training. It makes people confident in their talents and devoted to the company that provides them with opportunity for personal development.

Features of our training.
Get trained from the pioneers

With more than 2 decades of international trade and logistics experience we assure the best training for your team and business.

Know about the legal terminologies

Get in depth knowledge about the legal procedures , risks , liabilities and so on while starting a new logistics company

Amp up your business

Our qualified international faculty will help you boost your business with the best solutions and techniques.

Employee orientation/ Onboarding

We provide induction classes for all the new employees in different streams of workflow and help them evolve to successful employees.

Analyzing the risk factors

We help you get an in depth knowledge of the risks involved in export-import trading, procurement's etc and thereby reducing business loss.

Documentation paperwork support

We can assist you in all aspects of documentation of legal papers , preparation of quotations and help you get a complete idea about the processes involved while setting up the business.

Management of operational costs

We train you to reduce the overall operational costs by optimizing the available resources thereby reducing the wastage and loss.

Training for manufacturing companies

Manufacturing organizations need to ensure that they have strong leadership, solid processes, technical proficiency, and robust customer service and sales skills. We help you gain these skills through our program.

Professional Development & Soft Skills Training

We aim to enhance leadership and communication skills, generate changes to corporate culture, review and revise processes and create a more cohesive corporate team

Exclusive performance solutions

We help align training and learning programs with the culture and business goals of the organization and help in business empowerment.

On -the job training

We help you create a strategic plan for implementing an on-the-job training program for the in house faculties and also provide evaluation reports for the same.

Procurement management

We can assist in all the procurement management process including sourcing, requisitioning, ordering, expediting, inspection, and reconciliation.

Certifications Offered.

University of Dubai online Training & Certification on Distribution & Logistics Management

STED Council

Certiport Certification

Business English Certificate

UPES Certification