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Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Are you looking to start your career in Supply Chain Management but lack the essential background? Or are you working with people in Supply Chain Management and want to understand their daily challenges better? Or are you fascinated by how the global economy is linked by the flow of products, information, and finances? Then, get into the fascinating world of Supply Chain Management with a Certificate in Logistics Operations and Supply Chain Management (CLSCM) with SCM Hub.   

Course Duration 5 months

Course Type Class Room & Online

Eligibility Any Degree

Course Overview

Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (CLSCM) is a five-month specialization program of four introductory courses in logistics, operations, planning, and sourcing. This short-term course teaches you how to reduce costs across the supply chain, driving operational excellence throughout all levels. The program provides the insight of leading global research faculty, case studies, real-world strategies and examples, and valuable networking opportunities. You'll gain an integrated perspective of procurement, operations, and logistics from this wealth of information and expertise. You'll also learn to develop, execute and manage a comprehensive logistics and distribution strategy. When you complete the program, you'll have a richer understanding of the complexities companies face in today's global networked economy.  

Program Benefits 
Gain Expertise in LSCM

You gain expertise in Supply Chain Management and Logistics from Asia's First Practical Logistics Training Center. 

Gain Practical Job Knowledge

Upon completing CLSCM, students will have complete practical job knowledge on the different areas of logistics activities.

Gain Hands-On Experience

Aspirants will plan, source, make, deliver, return, and enable business activities through classroom instruction and real-world applications. 

Understand SCM Concepts

Participants will understand the concepts that connect manufacturers, markets, suppliers, warehouses, retailers, and customers. 

Industry Leading Training

Professionals teach all classes with prestigious certifications, subject expertise, and a wealth of real-world experience. 

Make You Industry-Ready

Apart from the regular curriculum, SCM Hub offers to make student's industry-ready, with the most attractive and the best available.

Who can join this program? 

Current or aspiring supply chain professionals who are looking to familiarize themselves with supply chain standards and terminology, fine-tune their negotiation strategies, and learn new skills to increase their value and potential.

Current and senior supply chain professionals who wish to improve their organization’s supply chain and help them achieve operational greatness in their career.

Anyone who manages or works with outside suppliers or vendors.

Industries where you can get Employed

International Shipping Companies

Shipping Lines


International Freight Forwarding Companies

International Logistic Companies

Oil & Gas

Chemical Industry


Plastic Industry

Pharma Industry

Rubber Based Industry

Aircraft Manufacturer

Car Manufacturer

Two Wheelers


Heavy Vehicle Manufacturer


Textile Industry

Electronics Industry



Supply Chain Management




Sport & Games

Entertainment Industry

Hospitality Sector

IT Sector

Certifications & Features

University Syllabus

Export & Import*


International Trade / Business*

Export Trade Documentation*

Ocean freight Sales*

Sea Freight Export procedure

Sea Freight Import Procedure

Sea Freight Export Documentation

Sea Freight Import Documentation

Ocean Cargo Logistics*


Course Content
Module 1

Economics & Management Decisions

Financial Management

Marketing Management

Quantitative Techniques for Management Applications

Operations & Material Management

Module 2

Human Resource Management

Customer Relationship Management

Project Management & Contract Administration

Strategic Management of Technology & Innovation

Research Methodology

Module 3

Accounting in Logistics & Supply Chain Sector

Logistics Fundamentals and Processes Planning for Logistics

Supply Chain Modeling & Design

Lean Supply Chain Management

Module 4

Business Policy & Strategy

Supply Chain Simulation

Logistics Strategy