5 High Paying International Career Opportunities in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Logistics and SCM is one of the few sectors that registered a positive growth even in this time of economic recession and pandemic. More and more people are getting secure jobs in logistics with high paying salaries once they complete their MBA, PG Diploma, Diploma or Certificate courses in Logistics. Now lets see the 5 high paying career opportunities in logistics and supply chain management in international job market

1) Supply Chain Manager

Supply Chain Managers can make a great living and have a big job with a lot of responsibility. They can make anywhere between $56,000 (INR 4,032,000), all the way up to $128,000 (INR 9,216,000) per year. Now the average salary comes to about $84,000 (INR 6,048,000).

So what do supply chain managers do?

They oversee many supply chain functions from purchasing the raw material, all the way to delivering the product to the final customer.Supply chain managers are also responsible for setting the overall supply chain strategies and developing the supply chain goals to make sure each supply chain function is on the same page.Supply chain managers are responsible for creating agreed upon KPIs or key performance indicators.They can be responsible for creating inventory policies and resource plans to make sure customer needs are met.They can also be responsible for overseeing major transportation warehousing purchasing issues.They can also be responsible for managing critical relationships with a supplier.Supply chain managers play a big role in managing the costs of their organization.

There are many more that they do.

Why are Supply Chain Manager’s salaries so high?

The reason is because sometimes their job can be very demanding and stressful, the decisions that supply chain managers make impact many parts of the organization. If a supply chain manager decides “hey we need to work overtime” the warehouse workers have to work overtime. If a supply chain manager decides “hey we’re no longer going to go with supplier A, and we’re gonna go with supplier B”, that could put supplier A’s business at risk, they may have to lay off people, they could lose sales, and so on. So this goes to show how impactful their decisions can be.

Now additionally supply chain managers may have to work irregular hours at times if they have to get up in the middle of the night to have a supplier call across the world, they may have to do that or they may have to travel frequently to national or international destinations. So those are just a few examples as to why supply chain manager salaries are the way they are.

What do I need to become Supply Chain Manager?

So the single biggest factor to determine your eligibility to become a Supply Chain Manager is your qualification. All big companies in this field are looking for candidates who has done their MBA or PG Diploma in Supply Chain Management with hands-on practical training in various modules. That alone may help you to land a dream job like Supply Chain Manager. Along with that if you have done internship or work experience, it will make things a lot easier for you get selected fast

2) Distribution Center Manager

Distribution Center Manager is a very rewarding career opportunity. These professionals can make a great living. They can make a salary between $52,000 (INR 3,744,000), all the way up to $118,000 (INR 8,496,000). Now, the average salary based on the research I’ve done is about $74,000 (INR 5,328,000).

So what do distribution center manager do?

Distribution Center Manager is the main person over the entire distribution center. They essentially oversee everything from receiving goods to storing them and shipping them to the customer. They typically have a management team that oversees each function that reports up to them. DC managers have a huge responsibility and one of the key things that they are responsible for is making sure that the workplace is safe to work. Now they typically have a security team to help them with that function and making sure they’re at par with regulations and setting new policies.Distribution Center Managers are also responsible for making sure that the goods in their facility are stored, appropriately, whether to maintain product integrity, or to make sure that hazardous material is stored appropriately additionally.Distribution Center Managers are responsible for making sure they have enough people in the building to meet customer demands.Distribution Center Manager can play a big role in helping manage and sponsor certain large scale projects such as layout reconfigurations, building expansions and so on.

Why are distribution center manager’s salaries so high?

The reason is it has a lot of responsibility, and it can be overwhelming and demanding as well. Let’s see a few scenarios as to why the job is so stressful and demanding.

  • Distribution Center Managers oversee a large amount of staff, even though you have managers over certain areas, overseeing those people, you are still responsible for overseeing everyone in that building,
  • Distribution Center Managers are also responsible for making sure their KPIs which are key performance indicators are in good standing, such as making sure customer service levels are where they need to be.
  • Distribution Center Managers are responsible for making sure that the workplace is safe and secure

What do I need to become distribution center Manager?

Most employers prefer candidates with MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management for this position.

3) Purchasing Manager

Job of a purchasing manager is highly rewarding as well as challenging., based upon our research, they can make anywhere on the low end of $46,000 (INR 3,313,000) to a little bit past $100,000 (INR 7,200,000)

So what do purchasing managers do?

At a high level, purchasing managers essentially oversee a company’s supply base and are responsible for many important aspects of it.One of the biggest responsibilities of purchasing managers is to find the best possible suppliers that provide a great quality product at a reasonable price.Purchasing Managers also typically have a team working with them to help them achieve their goals.They can also be responsible for evaluating suppliers based upon many factors such as strategic advantage if we partner with these suppliers, how does that position our company.They also can evaluate them based upon price, quality, delivery and speedPurchasing Managers can go on supplier visits, they can go there to learn about their operations their new offerings, and to perform auditsPurchasing Managers also deal with contract negotiation reviewing price proposals, looking at finance reports to make sure they keep their thumb on the pricing in the industry, making sure they get the best cost possible.They can determine when a corrective action needs to be issued if their supplier is performing not up to parPurchasing Managers often enjoy working with various departments, they don’t work with typically just one department they work with many, so they do get exposed to a variety of different areas and learn from that.

Why are purchasing manager’s salaries so high?

Purchasing Managers can have irregular hours. They may have to at times get up at 2am in the morning to have a call with their supplier in other parts of the globe. They are also responsible for helping reduce costs in the organization as well. Additionally, they help build the strength of a company by partnering with the right suppliers

What do I need to become purchasing Manager?

Typically you need a graduation with specialization in logistics or supply chain management related subjects. There are some companies that do require you to have a MBA in Logistics & SCM, PG Diploma or Diploma with work experience in the industry.

4) Logistics Manager

Logistics Managers can make anywhere on the low end of $45,000 (INR 3,240,000) all the way up to $101,000 (INR 7,272,000)

So what do logistics managers do?

Logistics managers are typically middle level managers, they’re essentially responsible for overseeing a company’s shipping system to ensure goods are moving as efficiently and effectively as possible. For example, logistics managers can be responsible for setting up transportation to move products from your supplier, all the way to your facility.Logistics managers can also be responsible for setting up transportation to move your product all the way to your customers location.Logistics managers also have the responsibility of reporting on operational performance, how are we performing and sending that information up to upper management and to disseminate it across the organization.Additionally, they’re responsible for creating agreed upon KPIs for their function.Another important piece of a logistics manager role is finding bottlenecks and finding ways to eliminate them.Now depending upon the company logistics managers can be responsible for making sure that their equipment is fully maintained and inspected.Additionally, they can be responsible for creating staffing players to meet demand levels.Now another thing they can do is create and maintain budgets, as well.So those are just a few high level examples of what logistics managers do.

Why are logistics manager’s salaries so high?

Logistics managers jobs are very demanding, and can be stressful, they are an important piece of the supply chain function that makes things happen. These professionals have a challenging role. They essentially work in a dynamic environment every day. Additionally they deal with hard complex problems, every single day, they essentially make things happen for an organization.

What do I need to become logistic Manager?

What you need to become a logistics manager is typically the same as all the other careers that we have mentioned so far. You need to have a degree or MBA or PG Diploma or Diploma with specialization in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management field.

5) Supply Chain Analysts

Supply Chain Analyst is an intermediate level position. Based upon the research we have done supply chain analysts can make anywhere between $46,000 (INR 3,312,000), all the way up to $81,000 (INR 5,832,000). Now the medium average salary is about $61,000 (INR 4,392,000)

So what do supply chain analysts do?

Supply Chain Analysts are responsible for improving the operational performance of a company. They help sift through large amounts of data and help troubleshoot certain issues.As an analyst you could be responsible for making data reports that help leadership make their decisions.Supply Chain Analysts may be responsible for creating visual representation as to showing what are the causesSupply Chain Analysts could also be responsible for leading key supply chain initiatives to improve operational performance,Supply Chain Analysts normally work in an office environment and the role is typically fast paced

Why are Supply Chain Analysts salaries so high?

Supply Chain Analysts Are the backbone of the logistics and SCM industry today as they are purely data driven for their operations, planning and forecasting. Supply Chain Analysts gather information to leadership to help them in decision making. They can also help repeat strategic supply chains, and execute those projects to improve operational performance.

Supply Chain Analysts are making sure that the data they send to the management is accurate, making sure to have the right data. Analyze it in the right way is key to making good decisions for the leadership.

What do I need to become Supply Chain Analyst?

So to become a supply chain analyst most companies typically require you to have a PG Diploma in Data Analytics in Logistics & SCM. Now having SQL experience, continuous improvement and data analysis experience is great as well.

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